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Sunday, 14 July 2013

After Earth

Hye friends! Its been so long not updating my blog. There were many movies which I watched and haven't update. For this time, I want to update about After Earth. The hero of this movie is Jaden Smith.

I watched this movie in GSC Paradigm Mall. I bought the tickets via GSC application. This movie is a moderate type of movie. Not so called a 'boom' movie. If you watch it, you can feel that "oh, i thought Will Smith is the one will help his son and solve the problems" but the story is about Jaden Smith fighting for his father and his own fate to survive. One thing I did not like about the technological items in the movie is the weak cheap space ship which they used in the story because it is clearly shown there that the ship is made by a sponge and polyester. Argghhh...how cheap the movie is. And some more, the story is hanging and stuck when suddenly the monster cannot see Jaden Smith. The movie did not tells us how Jaden Smith cannot be seen by the monster. I felt a little bit frustrated at that time. But overall, the plot of the story is good because we can understand the development of the movie.