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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Career Tips


I want to share some tips with all my friends about the Career Tips. I hope it can give some benefits to you. For those who do not have any jobs, you can try applying these tips.

- STUDY! TAKE CLASS!: Often when we are in a specific industry, all that we know about work come from our experince within that industry. a good way to think outside of the box is to learn something unrelated to your work. Study another industry, religion, or even a different country's history. Your study of seemingly unrelated topics will open up new ways of thinking and methods for business solutions.

- BREAK FREE FROM YOUR ROUTINES: Wake up earlier, take a different route to work or even try an unusual drink from a new restaurant. Spend time outside of your comfort zone in major and minor ways and you'll be surprised at the new things you'll encounter. Small things may be able to trigger ideas and help generate unusual thought processes that may lead to solutions outside of the ordinary.

- WORK BACKWARDS: If all possible solutions end up with an unsatisfactory outcome, then play cheat by coming up  with your ideal goal first. Select your most desirable scenario, then reverse-engineer the process. You will be able to clearly trace the chronology of the actions needed to be taken. This would also help you to see if there are any other possible methods previously overlooked.

- ASK A CHILD, OR TALK TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE: We often refer to childhood as a simpler time, so why not check with a seven-year-old to see what he/she thinks of the situation? Sure, he might not be able to solve 100% of your complex problems, but at the very least his untainted moral compass may be able to steer you in the right direction in the case of an ethical dilemma. The solution might be more straightforward than we think. Don't underestimate the opinions of people who you think are less qualified.

- CHALLENGE (YOUR OWN) ASSUMPTIONS. STUDY YOUR FEARS AND PREJUDICES: Sometimes the inability to think creatively stems from our own fears and prejudices towards things we do not understand. Do a self-check to examine where it is that you may be potentially limiting yourself. Perhaps it may be negative experiences in the past or baseless discrimination; overcoming these restrictions will not only help you as an employee but also offer a fresh perspective as individual.

Adjectives - Express Notes

Friends, my motive here is giving an exposure to some of us who don't know how to arrange the adjectives in a sentence and short notes for comparison of adjectives.
  • Adjectives are words that describe a person, animal or thing. They tell us more about the person, animal or thing.
  • We use adjectives to talk about the quality of a person, animal or thing. We can talk about the size, shape, colour or condition of a person, animal or thing using adjectives.
A big house.
A small house.
A square handkerchief.
An oval mirror.
A red ball.
A yellow carnation.
A hungry tiger.
A wet T-shirt.

We may use more than one adjective to describe something. When we do this, we should arrange the adjectives in the following order:


She has a
This is a
I saw a
tiger at the zoo.

Comparison of Adjectives
  • We can make comparisons using adjectives. There are three degrees of comparison.
  • The positive is used:
    • to describe one object or person
      • Puan Fadzilah is tall.
      • That watermelon is big.
    • to compare two equal or similar objects or persons using as + adjective + as
      • Puan Fadzilah is as tall as her brother.
      • That watermelon is as big as this one.
    • compare two object or persons that are not equal. We use adjective + er + than.
      • Puan Fadzilah is taller than her mother.
      • That watermelon is bigger than this one.
    • three or more objects/persons that are not the same. We use the + adjective + est.
      • Puan Fadzilah is the tallest in her family.
      • That watermelon is the biggest in the basket.
the biggest
the cleverest
the dirtiest
the easiest
the warmest

Take Note

1.      We use more and most with adjectives that have two or more syllables.

                  My T-shirt is more colourful than yours.
                  That is the most colourful T-shirt I have ever seen.

more careful
the most careful
more difficult
the most difficult
more expensive
the most expensive
more famous
the most famous
more popular
the most popular

2.      With some adjectives, the comparative and superlative are different from the positive.

                  Hanan is a good swimmer.
                  Sarah swims better than Hanan.
                  Lily is the best swimmer in the class.

the best
the worst
the least
the most
the most

Bikers Kental

Haaa... Ini akan menjadikan post ini adalah post yang pertama dalam Bahasa Melayu. Hehe.. Sebenarnya cerita ni pun dah lama dah ifa tengok. Memang sempoi dan lawak habis lah! Hehe.. Citer ni ifa tengok kat GSC IOI Mall. Memula tu ingatkan citer ni tak best lah. Tapi disebabkan ada si Zizan tu, so takpela.. Anggap ok je kot.. Pastu bila dah start tengok tu memang tak henti-henti gelak sampai la habis citer.. Haha.. Orang lain yang kat dalam hall tu pun gelak terbaha-bahak tanpa segan silu..

Dalam citer ni mengisahkan tentang seorang pemuda ni yang sangat obses dengan moto kegemaran dia tu. Tapi dia takde duit nak beli. Satu hari tu dia terjumpa sejumlah wang yang banyak dan mengambil wang itu untuk membeli sebuah motosikal idamannya. Lepas dari tu lah terjadinya satu kisah kepada satu kisah tragedi. Dia diekori oleh penjenayah sebab dia ambil duit tu. Pastu kisah ni juga menceritakan tentang semangat setiakawan antara kawan-kawan. Sangat menyentuh hati. Ada juga adegan percintaan dalam cerita ni. Ingatkan Zizan akan suka kat Saiya Sukha Phorn. Tapi rupanya?? Jeng jeng jeng.. tengok sendirilah ye nanti..hehehe.. Apa-apa pun, citer ni memang best. 5 bintang untuk tahap citer melayu.

After Earth

Hye friends! Its been so long not updating my blog. There were many movies which I watched and haven't update. For this time, I want to update about After Earth. The hero of this movie is Jaden Smith.

I watched this movie in GSC Paradigm Mall. I bought the tickets via GSC application. This movie is a moderate type of movie. Not so called a 'boom' movie. If you watch it, you can feel that "oh, i thought Will Smith is the one will help his son and solve the problems" but the story is about Jaden Smith fighting for his father and his own fate to survive. One thing I did not like about the technological items in the movie is the weak cheap space ship which they used in the story because it is clearly shown there that the ship is made by a sponge and polyester. Argghhh...how cheap the movie is. And some more, the story is hanging and stuck when suddenly the monster cannot see Jaden Smith. The movie did not tells us how Jaden Smith cannot be seen by the monster. I felt a little bit frustrated at that time. But overall, the plot of the story is good because we can understand the development of the movie.