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Sunday, 19 May 2013


This movie is good but yet it does not show much actions. The story is about a guy is trying to be a good man even though he got money from a 'wrong' way. I rate this movie as a 4 stars movie.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

Guys, this movie is awesome! Many unexpected things shown in the movie. The movie is long. It is about 3 hours and I felt like a bit dizzy cause I watched it in 3D that makes me have to wear the big 3D glass. The actions in the movie and the movement makes my eyes glare. But somehow the movie is great! Go and watch it guys! :D

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Happy Teacher's Day

To all my teachers since kindergarten until university, to all my friends who are a teacher now and to anybody who had taught me about anything in this life, Happy Teacher's Day!

99 Kali Rindu

Just now I watched this movie at GSC One Utama...this story is a bit boring because it always use a flowery words and poetic elements..some people might like it but for me, it is not so exciting..but the story is quiet good..so I rate it as a 3 stars movie.. :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Okay, I had watched this movie yesterday in GSC Paradigm Mall. This movie is actually tell us about this bride ghost. How she died and who were involved in her death. This movie also show to us people around her or people connected with her. Besides, this movie is actually a chain of short movie regarding the people whom related to this bride ghost. Finally, the ending is not reaching our satisfaction about the case because audience assumed that the case can be solved by the policeman. It finished just like that. So, my conclusion is, I rate this movie as 4 stars movie.

Vehicle 19

I watched this movie last week. It was a good movie yet cheap. You want to know why I said like that? Because they only acted in cars. No need to go to the other places. Maybe that is why the movie entitled as Vehicle 19. A part from that, the ending of the movie is not what I expected. I thought the hero will shoot the bad policeman. But on contrary, the policeman had shot the hero and we don't know whether the bad policeman was arrested or not. Anyway, I rate this movie as 3 stars movie.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day

In this opportunity, I would like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my lovely ummi.
Thank you for all your sacrifices towards me.
You are my wonderful beauty mother.
I love you so much.

Identity Thief

Firstly, I thought this movie is boring and wasting my money. But after a while, it seems to be funny and enjoyable. But for me, it is not suitable to be watched by kids under 18. This movie is interesting but yet it shows a bad attitude towards the audience. Somehow, it still has a good message about relationship in family and friends. For that, I rate it as a 4 stars movie.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Iron Man 3

Okay, this is the latest hero movie came out in this season.
This movie is undeniably incredible because of the awesome iron man robots.
This movie shows to us the smartness of Iron Man to build up another stock of Iron Man which has different types of capabilities and tasks. This movie ended the life of Iron Man as a superhero when all the Iron Man robots have been demolished. After all, I am satisfied and enjoyed watching this movie. 5 stars for Iron Man!


This movie is great. But then at the end of the story, when the hero become two persons, I was confused.
I was keep thinking when does he appear as another person and how it happens?
The ending also seems so confusing when the heroin has a child and meet the hero again.
Anyway, I am giving this movie 4 stars as it confused many audience.

Long Weekend (Thai Movie)

Oh My God! This movie is very scary and you can feel very spooky in the cinema hall.
Even there are many people in the hall, you can feel the goosebumps standing.
Amazingly acted by the actor and actress from Thailand.
I rate this movie as a 5 stars movie.
Go and watch friends!
But I suggest don't watch it at midnight because you might feel afraid to go back alone. Hehe..

G.I Joe : Rise of The Cobra

Okay. This movie is damn awesome! I really like it and it is worth it if you watch in 3D cinema.
The graphic and the audio is totally amazing.
But I think it will be continued because the bad person is still survive. And it makes the story hanging.
Anyway, I still rate it as a 5 stars movie.

Olympus Has Fallen

This movie is freaking awesome!
Full of actions and mysterious. We will think of how the problems will be solved by the hero in this story. I think the plot of this movie is good and audience can follow it smoothly with a good understanding. The story is clearly acted out and the graphic is very cool!
I rate it as a 5 stars movie.