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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Conjunction - Express Notes

·         Conjunctions are used to join words, phrases or sentences.

and, also, as well as
To show things of similar value
but, yet, however, although, even though
To show contrast
because, as, since, for
To show reason
both ...and, neither ...nor, either ...or
To express a similar idea or a choice
so that, in order to
To indicate purpose
unless, if
To show condition
where, wherever
To show places

For Your Information

For your information
I learned many good things in my life
I changed many things in my life and me
And I did many good things in my life

For your information
Since I knew you
My world turned to be different
My thought differ from before

For your information
You stole my heart by your personality, attitude, style and the way you think
You made me realize many things that I never thought before
You gave me strength, hope, motivation, dreams, and love
You shaped me to be a better person
You guided me to face the problems I faced
You taught me on rights and wrongs
You awarded me a wonderful moments and unforgettable moments
And You hold my hands in whatever situation we are

For your information
I really appreciate you in my life
I am grateful with what I have now
I will never leave you
And I will love you with all my heart forever
Because you loved me

Thank you.

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